82 Frimley High Street
GU16 7JE


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One of the take-aways to be found in Frimley is Yum Yum Chinese Takeaway at 82 Frimley High Street. There is a wide selection of food offered at Yum Yum Chinese Takeaway. Even though The Big Eat doesn't currently have complete information for Yum Yum Chinese Takeaway, we are trying to find out more about it. We don't yet have a menu for Yum Yum Chinese Takeaway. This take-away makes 2 types of food: Chinese, and Oriental.


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No great

Very disappointed, I didn’t get what I ordered. When I got home & found the soup I had ordered was missing as well as the sweet & sour source which comes with the A1 meal was also missing I rang to complain. I was told I could have a free sweet & sour source next time I ordered a meal. That’s great getting something for free which I’ve already paid for as well as ruining my meal this evening. No customer service, no consideration, no good.

By almost 2 years ago.

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Absolute favourite!

Always great food, after 10 years living in the area Yum Yum is definitely our first choice every time. Would be great if they delivered, but worth the drive.

By almost 2 years ago.

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