9-11 Rose Street
AB10 1TX


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Thai Cottage is a takeaway restaurant to be found in Aberdeen within Aberdeenshire. Unfortunately, The Big Eat has yet to learn full information about Thai Cottage but we are trying our best. Thai Cottage makes a full selection of take-away meals all day long. We don't currently have a menu for Thai Cottage. Thai Cottage produces Thai as its speciality.


Worst I've had.

Foul food that not even the most indiscriminate drunkard would find palatable. Shredded chilli chicken was soggy and unappetising. Looked like a plate of cancerous slop. Tasted of vinegar, Egg fried rice was grotty and gray looking, tasting exactly as it looked. Thai noodles red in colour suggesting lashings of food colouring and also tasted disgusting. Worst takeaway i’ve ever had in Aberdeen, which is quite a statement. Had to throw an entire meal in the bin, I think even the bin looked slightly offended.

By almost 9 years ago.

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