27 Windmill Brae
AB11 6HU


Map for The Sizzler Grill

Food types

Sizzlers is a takeaway located in Aberdeen in Aberdeenshire. While this site doesn't yet have all the data for Sizzlers, we are trying to find out more about it. We are trying but, at the moment, there isn't a menu for Sizzlers on this site. Sizzlers produces a full selection of takeaway food throughout the day. This takeaway restaurant makes 2 types of food: Baked potatoes, and Fast food.


God like creations

Wow! This place is the reason God created burgers. They are pure ecstacy in a bun. As for the chips cheese and gravy......Well every time I eat it, I need to wear a condom as jizz just leaks out my tip!


By over 8 years ago.

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Need a massive shite now

By almost 7 years ago.

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Sore tummy

My tummy really hurts

By almost 7 years ago.

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