95a Hayton Road
AB24 2RN


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We don't know what they serve here yet.

Ray's is a takeaway restaurant found in Aberdeen in Aberdeenshire. There is a good range of meals offered at Ray's. Unfortunately, this site has yet to find out full details about Ray's but we are trying our best. Regretably, there isn't a menu for the takeaway restaurant on this website. The take-away produces .


Gay's more like!!

What can I say! As soon as I placed my order the guy behind the counter started coming onto me. All I wanted was a kebab!! Licking his lips at me and stroking his knob behind the counter! It was a disgrace! Then when I was about to get my order he asked for my number, when I said no he spat in my kebab and told me he didnt love me anymore! WTF!!

By over 8 years ago.

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