61 Queen Street
Great Harwood


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One of the takeaways located in Great Harwood is Queen's Spicy Chef at 61 Queen Street. While this site doesn't yet possess full details for Queen's Spicy Chef, we are trying to find out more about it. Queen's Spicy Chef produces a full selection of takeaway dishes all day long. Queen's Spicy Chef provides a delivery service . We don't yet have the menu for this takeaway. Queen's Spicy Chef serves 5 types of food: Fast food, Fish n Chips, Fried chicken, Kebabs, and Pizza.


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number one big hit

hey guys u shud check out da place it sells awesome takeouts.. n defo lip lickin nt to b missed.. peace

By almost 4 years ago.

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verry consistent!

Definitely one of the better options in great Harwood as the customer servise is good and never get let down by poor efforts. Awesome flavours and variety. The price is good and has been since opened. id give em 5 stars if they made a pizza as good as tonys and had variety like k2 but thats asking for an epidemic

By about 2 years ago.

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