72 Market Place
M24 6AF


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Popeyes Pizzeria/Burgerland is a takeaway to be found in Middleton within Lancashire. We don't currently have the menu for Popeyes Pizzeria/Burgerland. If you need delivery then Popeyes Pizzeria/Burgerland is possibly the best take-away for you. Popeyes Pizzeria/Burgerland produces a full selection of takeaway dishes throughout the day. Unfortunately, this site has yet to learn complete data about Popeyes Pizzeria/Burgerland but we are trying our best. Popeyes Pizzeria/Burgerland serves 3 types of food: Fried chicken, Kebabs, and Pizza.


Menu for Popeye's Pizzeria


Food is fit

Eat from here all the time. GORGEOUS!!

By over 7 years ago.

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Dont Phone

Phoned twice, both times they hung up because they cannot understand plain english. I gave up in the end because the were rude and ingnorant.

By about 6 years ago.

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yum yum in my tum next day out my bum

Fit food!!!

By almost 6 years ago.

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great convenient food,shame see below

I have been ordering from popeyes for years,always good food and usually the guys on the phones are really helpful.However I tried to order 5 minutes ago and the gent who answered screamed down the phone he was busy and i should tell him the order.Im sorry mate if you think you are going to scream down the phone and let me pay your wages for the pleasure then I would have a think about customer service .£ 20 , times 52 weeks a year is £ 1040. if you dont want it somebody will

By over 5 years ago.

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great food and people

have been using popeyes for so long i forget the number of years even was good friends with 2 of the delivery men great food and customer service will admit they do get stressed in busy periods but can understand this as i also work in the food industry but a bit of patience goes a long way!!!!!!!!!

By over 4 years ago.

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