10 Perry Hill
Bell Green
Greater London


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Perry Hill Fish Bar is a takeaway restaurant situated in Bell Green within London. Unfortunately, this site has yet to get complete information about Perry Hill Fish Bar but we are trying our best. We don't yet have a menu for Perry Hill Fish Bar. Perry Hill Fish Bar makes a full range of takeaway restaurant meals throughout the day. The takeaway produces Fish n Chips.


Everything a fish & chip shop should be!

I've got to confess I'm a bit if a regular - fish & chips is the BEST fast food and the Perry is one of the best in SE London. Food is v fresh, chips are hand cut from actual potatoes (I've seen the spud van delivery!) and the service is great! - couldn't get nicer folk! Please support a local independent, not because they're local and independent but because they make great food that's excellent value for money.

By almost 10 years ago.

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