153 East Street
Greater London
SE17 2SD


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Another of the takeaway restaurants situated in Walworth is Perfect Fried Chicken at 153 East Street. Although we have tried, there isn't a menu for Perfect Fried Chicken on The Big Eat. Even though this website doesn't yet possess complete details for Perfect Fried Chicken, we are trying to find out more about it. There is a good range of meals on offer at Perfect Fried Chicken. The takeaway restaurant makes Fried chicken.


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Seans Review on PFC at East Street Market

Perfect Fried Chicken in East Street Market is without a doubt one of the best chicken and chips shop in London. Delicious Food. They serve friend chicken, chips, burgers, kebabs, pizza and a range of deserts. I personally travel a few miles to purchase my dinner from there. The staff are polite and they deliver food for any orders above £6 so the service they provide is great. Will recommend any one to try their food. (contact the PFC branch:020 7708 0444)

By about 10 years ago.

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