16 Heathfield
Stacey Bushes
Milton Keynes
MK12 6HP


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Papa Luigi Dial-A-Pizza is a take-away to be found in Stacey Bushes within Milton Keynes. Sadly, there isn't a menu for this takeaway restaurant on The Big Eat. Papa Luigi Dial-A-Pizza haven't yet given us complete details of the takeaway. There is a good selection of meals offered at Papa Luigi Dial-A-Pizza. Papa Luigi Dial-A-Pizza makes Pizza as its main food type.


Absolute CRAP!

I ordered hot chicken wing, spare ribs, potato wedges & garlic mushrooms!
Delivery was prompt,within the stated time!
Garlic mushrooms! well what ever they were, were obviously microwaved! So much the plastic container they were in had melted, therefore i could not get the contents out!
Ribs were wrapped in foil and baked so much the foil was stuck to the ribs, this was then placed another bag!Hot Wings were so hard i nearly broke my tooth trying to eat them! And the wedges were soggy!

By over 7 years ago.

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