5 Meldon Road
Greater Manchester
M13 0TZ


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Food types

Another of the takeaway restaurants situated in Longsight is Oriental Express at 5 Meldon Road. Although The Big Eat doesn't currently have complete data for Oriental Express, we are working towards it. There is a wide range of food offered at Oriental Express. Although we have tried, there is no menu for Oriental Express on this site. Oriental Express makes Chinese as its main food type.


Do not bother trying their food.

Just bought a plate of what was supposed to be Special fried rice but the rice was no where near fried let alone special! Rice appeared soaked in too much oil. No sight of chicken or shrimps in the food! Too much Ham in it. Definitely not Chinese food so BE WARNED.

By over 10 years ago.

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good eatin'

yummy food....really fresh, clean kitchen....nice staff and I treat myself there whenever I visit manchester from abroad.....go oriental!!!

By almost 10 years ago.

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