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Marchmont Takeaway is a takeaway restaurant to be found in Edinburgh within Midlothian. Marchmont Takeaway serves a full selection of takeaway food all day long. Marchmont Takeaway haven't yet provided all the data of the takeaway restaurant. We don't currently have the menu for Marchmont Takeaway. Marchmont Takeaway makes Chinese as its signature dish.


Perfectly cooked, lovely, boneless fish supper

Boyfriend and I had the Mackerel suppers. Just perfectly cooked, lovely, boneless fish and hit the spot. There will be no more Monday blues from now on! See you again soon ladies! :D I literally wont be able to get that chippy craving fix from anywhere else now! fab!

By almost 9 years ago.

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a wonderful wee eatery

Clean premises, quality ingredients and a choice of 3 types of fish! fantastic and tasty :-)

By almost 9 years ago.

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Lovely fresh fish, cooked to order.

Very friendly ladies, cooking fresh fish and chips that are quite possibly the best in the area now. Nice crispy batter and chips, packaged in traditional paper wrapping.

By almost 9 years ago.

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