528 St Vincent Street Glasgow
G3 8XZ


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Among the take-aways to be found in Glasgow is Macdonners at 528 St. Vincent Street. We are trying but, at the moment, there isn't a menu for Macdonners on this website. Although The Big Eat doesn't currently have complete information for Macdonners, we are trying to find out more about it. Macdonners makes a full range of takeaway food throughout the day. Macdonners makes 2 types of food: Kebabs, and Pizza.


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Jason Lang

Macdonners great kebab shop in the local area of anderston. Workers are very friendly and the spicy chicken is tremendous puts an extra dollar on the toilet roll bill.

By almost 11 years ago.

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Langy you just abuse the toilets in mcdonalds or just use the wee garages ye always stand in, so stop bitching aboot stuff like that. away and drink some "Yathzoo"

By over 10 years ago.

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