79 Bridge Street
St Andrews
KY16 8AA


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Food types

Another of the takeaways to be found in St Andrews is Kinness Fry Bar (KFB) at 79 Bridge Street. There is a large selection of food offered at Kinness Fry Bar (KFB). While this site doesn't yet possess full data for Kinness Fry Bar (KFB), we are trying to find out more about it. Kinness Fry Bar (KFB) provides a delivery service in St Andrews. We don't currently have a menu for Kinness Fry Bar (KFB). Kinness Fry Bar (KFB) serves 5 types of food: Fast food, Fish n Chips, Fried chicken, Kebabs, and Pizza.


Disgusting deep fried rankness

Expensive and shit - those are the two words to summarise this place. I've never seen such a sorry array of deep fried crap in their display. There isn't much in the way of alternatives in St Andrews though.

By almost 8 years ago.

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Had a delivery twice within a few weeks and both times they got lost so bad they gave up the second time and sent it in a taxi and charged us for the taxi! the first time i was even standing out in the cold on the phone to the driver directing him where i was bar in mind the street i live in you can see anyone outside for at least 100 meters.

By over 5 years ago.

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great food

great food and quick delivery try the choc pizza

By over 5 years ago.

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