152 Union Street
AB10 1QT


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One of the takeaway restaurants situated in Aberdeen is KFC at 152 Union Street. KFC makes a full range of takeaway food throughout the day. We don't yet have a menu for KFC. Unfortunately, this website has yet to get complete information about KFC but we are trying our best. The takeaway makes Fast food.



Just back home from there (for the 2nd time tonight).
1st time I got home we had the completely wrong burgers, which we don't consider edible.
Drove back and got the right burgers, BUT… On getting back home again we find one was completely drenched in tomato sauce making it taste of nothing but tomato sauce.
After hanging on the phone for 10 min before answer (01224 684949), only to get hung up on after explaining what happened and how disgusted I am over the treatment we received.

By over 9 years ago.

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Becky Baby <3

Fuckin shite food wid rather eat a dogs airse as it was shtenken o piss and shit! sambo min gadj got a matty mc special

By over 9 years ago.

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mediiii-oker , afffter wakin up nd having painted ma toilet wa a new shade nd ih pipin hot ringsting it was nae ih best . chips were nae bad though

By over 9 years ago.

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Skitters continued...

Well, after finally being able to get away from the toilet long enough to write this I think I may have to go to hospital as my internal organs seem to be hanging out my arse piece. After having my fully loaded box meal I decided to sit down and watch a film. I managed to survive the opening credits before having to drag my tensed body to the toilet to unleash what can only be described...cont

By over 8 years ago.

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