527 Norwood Road
West Norwood
Greater London
SE27 9DL


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Food types

KFC is a takeaway restaurant situated in West Norwood in London. KFC haven't currently provided all the information of the takeaway restaurant. We don't currently have the menu for KFC. KFC produces a full range of takeaway dishes all day long. This takeaway serves Fast food.


Buyer be ware

I have just sent ofa complaint to KFC about there staff who robbed me of £20.00. I asked for a £9.99 bargain bucket handed a £10 note to the staff who quickly handed me 1 penny. The manager did a dodgy recount of the till out of site, the CCTV screen was ouf of service and the he refused to let anyone see the replay of the CCTV. Please be warned it s racket and KFC to have been warned via a complaint

By about 8 years ago.

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