150-164 Evelyn Street
Greater London


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One of the takeaways found in Deptford is KFC at 150-164 Evelyn Street. KFC produces a full range of take-away meals throughout the day. We don't yet have the menu for KFC. While this website doesn't yet possess full information for KFC, we are working on it. The takeaway restaurant makes Fast food.


NOT THE KFC IT SHOULD BE! rancid chicken

KFC - 150-164 Evelyn Street
Lewisham, Greater London SE8 5

I have recently purchased KFC on at leaset four occasions and have found the quality of food very poor! The chicken taste rancid, the corn is overcooked. If the chicken is not rancid it is overcooked also. There is no flavour! It lets down the name of KFC.

It has been very disappointing each time I buy from this KFC and I have decided that I will never eat there again!

It needs to be seriously looked into.

Kind regards,
Ms Henry

By almost 10 years ago.

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kfc should be ashamed of this take away

this let's down KFC name big time, the quality of the food is just awful, i agree with the previous review - this particulat 'restaurant' is terrible. do not recommend at all, local chicken shop is 10 times tastier and cheaper!

By about 9 years ago.

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