21D Glencryan Road
G67 2UH


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One of the take-aways found in Cumbernauld is Ken Wok at 21D Glencryan Road. There is a good range of dishes available from Ken Wok. Although this site doesn't yet possess complete data for Ken Wok, we are trying to find out more about it. Unfortunately, there isn't a menu for Ken Wok on this website. This takeaway serves Chinese.


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my brother has this wee shop on speed dial, they know his households number now asnwer and say 'no you again ' no am kidding. its in a unit insdie a right dive of a street near a bus terminus in a wee scabby industrial estate in the back of beyond but it is worth tracking it down, as the foods bloody great ! its ken wok not ken barlow

By about 4 years ago.

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lovely lovely lovely

great wee place, in a very strange place but go find it the food is lovely and pleasant people.

By about 4 years ago.

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Nice food, quick delivery

I always use this Chinese but get it delivered, so can't comment on where it is or why it matters where it is located. Doesn't effect the quality of the food or the service. Would recommend to anyone, only drawback is there is no menu online and they never deliver a menu or advertise!

By about 3 years ago.

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Great Food

my family have all been using Ken Wok for years now, we have tried others but nothing compares, VERY tasty food, lovely people


By about 3 years ago.

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Ken Wok

Food is lovely, delivery is usually prompt, kitchen is very clean and visible from counter.

Prices higher than others.

Located not very central, in a hidden industrial estate where not many people go.

The chips they do are reheats, usually quite chewy when you get them

No Menu Online

Staff are usually pretty miserable, very difficult to talk to anyone (chefs don't welcome or talk to you like some other places) they need to work on their attitude toward customer service and be more welcoming.

By almost 3 years ago.

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great fod, clean place

been using this for over a year now since met my partner and hes been using it very regularly for way longer staff are always polite & friendly, maybe not as chatty as some people but then they are always busy with deliveries so maybe other places have more time to chat!
food is great, we always collect and is still hot when get home & settled, would highly recommend. as said by others its in industrial estate most people probably need told before would know it existed, but well worth going to.

By over 2 years ago.

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cumbernaulds hidden gem

The special chow mein is amazing as are the honey & garlic ribs. In fact I've never had anything from Ken wok that didn't arrive piping hot or tasted less than magic!!! Been using this place for about 2/3 years, all other cumbernauld Chinese takeaways are just a disappointment compared to them.

Staff are polite & helpful. They obviously keep their overheads low by being in an industrial unit but they definitely don't scrimp on the quality of food.

Keep up the good work, my pal Ken :-)

By about 2 years ago.

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