109 Wilmslow Road
Greater Manchester
M14 5AN


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Kebabish is a takeaway restaurant to be found in Rusholme in Manchester. While The Big Eat doesn't currently possess full information for Kebabish, we are working on it. We don't currently have a menu for the takeaway. Kebabish makes a full range of takeaway dishes all day long. The take-away makes Kebabs.


Excellent service and quality

I've been going to Kebabish regularly for several years and it is, in my opinion, the best place in Rusholme for Indian food. It's cooked fresh in front of you on giant grill-type contraptions (being a hygiene freak I like to see my food prepared in front of me!) and it tastes absolutely amazing. I notice it now has a good sized restaurant area which we'll be giving a try (we usually get takeaways). Try the lamb curry, chickpea curry, and grilled chicken especially.

By about 10 years ago.

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