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Kebab Mahal is a takeaway located in Kirkcaldy within Fife. Kebab Mahal haven't currently provided full data of the takeaway. Kebab Mahal serves a full range of take-away food during its opening hours. We don't yet have the menu for Kebab Mahal. Kebab Mahal serves Kebabs as its signature dish.


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Its not only kebabs available here, The pizza,Curry and Burgers are also available. Manvhi box and donnar, pizzas and differnt curries are really a great to have. Absolutly new management has put standered of food very high.

By almost 10 years ago.

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fantastic chicken kebab

good service and good price reccomend chicken kebab in nan bread
the new menu is good and its not like the others like reading a book

By over 9 years ago.

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annon Kdy

The best food in kirkcaldy. staff are really freindly especialy front of shop. will go back again thanks lads

By over 9 years ago.

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Usually good but tonight was S**T

Ordered online with just-eat order wrong and cold over an hour for delivery just not good at all!!

By over 9 years ago.

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