60 Bury Old Road
Greater Manchester
M45 6TL


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Jacques is a takeaway restaurant situated in Whitefield within Manchester. Despite our best efforts, there isn't a menu for Jacques on this website. Unfortunately, this site has yet to get complete details about Jacques but we are trying our best. There is a large selection of meals to be found at Jacques. Jacques serves Chinese as its signature dish.


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Doner Kebab

The BEST Doner meat in Manchester....and the Chilli Sauce....WOWWOWOWOW

By almost 4 years ago.

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This place is the best kebab shop going i think, well one of best in manchester. The owner is a very friendly man who is indeed very polite and the staff are clean as well. The donnor here is so nice. My favourite thing about this place is that it has a salad bar that varies from differnt kinds.

I would reccoment this place to anyone who is a kebab man!!

By almost 4 years ago.

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