218 Railton Road
Greater London
SE24 0JT


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Another of the takeaways to be found in Brixton is Golden Canton at 218 Railton Road. Regretably, there is no menu for Golden Canton on The Big Eat. Unfortunately, this site has yet to find out complete data about Golden Canton but we are trying our best. There is a large range of meals available from Golden Canton. Golden Canton makes Chinese as its specialism.


Worst take away ever

Worst take away experience ever. The food finally arrived after over an hour of waiting, i realised that my dish was missing. When I called Golden Canton, Herne Hill back, they did not apologise but gave every excuse under the sun as to why the dish wasn’t. They did however offer the cook it again and redeliver. I have been waiting for over 2 hours (3 hours since i placed my original order) and have still not received my dinner. Do not ever order take out from Golden Canton, Herne Hill ever!

By over 9 years ago.

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Best local chinese in Herne Hill

I guess the above review 'worst ever' was written by a competitor, which is why it was anonymous. I am not. See name below. This is our local. They are not haute cuisine but generous, clean and quick. Their rice is large and great and tho' we stick to the ordinary, out of habit, they do have some fantastic stuff. Definiteley for eating when you can't be bothered to cook. Jonathan Davies @no 72

By over 9 years ago.

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