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One of the takeaway restaurants to be found in Burnham is Go Wah at 99 High Street. Go Wah serves a full range of takeaway meals throughout the day. Unfortunately, The Big Eat has yet to learn complete information about Go Wah but we are trying our best. Sadly, there isn't a menu for this takeaway on this website. Go Wah makes Chinese as its main food type.


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Great take away

better than most restaraunts, good range of chinese dishes cooked to a good standard. Well worth a visit!!

By over 3 years ago.

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Good Food

Really good food, alwyas cooked to perfection, fast and freindly staff, home delivery can take up to an hour, so order in plenty of time. Going to the shop is far quicker.

By about 3 years ago.

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werry werry yummy chinoise

By almost 3 years ago.

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Worst take away

One of the worst take takeaways Ive had in a long time. I orderd chicken curry and I have to say it was terrible. The chicken was like waterd down mush and slimy and the egg fried rice was of poor quality. I had hoped the chicken balls would save the day but unfortunately the chicken was poor quality. One the he worst takeaways so far and I won't be returning. :) Lee

By almost 3 years ago.

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I disagree Lee. It's werry yummy

By almost 3 years ago.

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poor food and took ages to arrive

By almost 3 years ago.

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Best Chinese around!

Food is always perfect. Wide range of dishes. Fast delivery but we are only a mile away. Friendly efficient staff! Definately worth trying!

By about 2 years ago.

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Very nice food however a little more expensive than others, portions good size too.

By over 1 year ago.

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One of the worst takeaways I've been to. Been 2-3 times and always makes me ill the next day their rice was hard and chicken was horrible

By about 1 year ago.

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Greasy and overpriced

Shit Chinese greasy bland and no love in this food would much rather have a Big Mac ping u should be ashamed of yourself u wouldn't eat this shit give some quality back to what ur dad made not just about money sort the food out just spent a score and not nice will never buy from u unless happy chef priory are busy do not have this unless your taste buds r dead make ur own mind up if u ain't drunk u won't like this.

By 7 months ago.

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