230 Rye Lane
Greater London
SE15 4NL


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We don't know what they serve here yet.

One of the takeaway restaurants located in Peckham is Full Garden at 230 Rye Lane. Full Garden makes a full selection of takeaway restaurant meals all day long. Even though this website doesn't yet possess all the data for Full Garden, we are trying to find out more about it. We don't currently have the menu for Full Garden. Full Garden serves as its speciality.


Terrible service after incredibly slow delivery

Service was appalling when food arrived much later than the recommended wait time. The food arrived two hours after the order was placed. I was told it would take an hour and half at the very latest. When I called to ask for a reduction in cost because of the delay, the manager offered just a pound off. They never apologised and said that it was because of black Friday, compared themselves to Amazon and said that I wouldn't complain to Amazon. Quite frankly, I've never had a problem with delivery times on Amazon. I appreciate that restaurants can be busy on a Friday evening, but we had turned down other restaurants based on honest wait times and this ended up taking longer. I would never order from them again. The delivery driver was lovely, but had been told to deliver our food last despite being a 5 minute drive from the restaurant. Utterly disappointing. The food was fine, but not hot and fairly unremarkable.

By over 5 years ago.

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