239 Gipsy Road
West Norwood
Greater London
SE27 9QY


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Food types

Favorite Chicken & Rib is a take-away found in West Norwood within London. Favorite Chicken & Rib produces a full range of takeaway dishes all day long. Unfortunately, The Big Eat has yet to learn complete information about Favorite Chicken & Rib but we are trying our best. Unfortunately, there is no menu for Favorite Chicken & Rib on The Big Eat. Favorite Chicken & Rib produces Fried chicken as its main food type.


Late night staff are very rude

The surly man behind the counter had an attitude before I even opened my mouth! Perhaps he was expecting a rowdy drunkard (it was just before 11pm) but it isn’t fair to have a stand-off attitude with customers because of the time of night. I was told to “read the offer properly next time” because I miss-quoted the offer I wanted apparently. Rather than stoop to his level, I walked out. He muttered something as I was leaving but I thought it best to keep walking! If they continue to be rude to late night customers, all they will attract is trouble-making drunks. I will never step foot in there again. Try the chip shop two doors up; they are always friendly and polite!

By almost 7 years ago.

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