66 Oldham Road
Greater Manchester
M35 0JD


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One of the takeaways located in Failsworth is Failsworth Balti House at 66 Oldham Road. Unfortunately, this site has yet to find out full data about Failsworth Balti House but we are trying our best. Failsworth Balti House produces a full range of takeaway dishes throughout the day. We don't yet have the menu for the takeaway. Failsworth Balti House makes Indian as its signature dish.


Menu for Failsworth Balti House


Exquisite tasting food

Wow!Exquisite tasting food.Absolutely superb!I have eaten a great many takeaways but the food provided by Failsworth Balti House is heavenly!It was a delight to look at and tasted divine!The chicken korma was creamy and full of flavour and the rice aromatic,coupled with excellent service this is a place i will definetly be telling all my friends about!Well done Failsworth Balti House!

By over 10 years ago.

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Don't eat from here

Would rather eat dog shit than order from there again absolute disgusting

By over 8 years ago.

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shit food

By over 8 years ago.

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Smells like a public toilet

This place smells on rancid stale piss, the chicken was like a tesco lasagne horse meat !!!

By almost 8 years ago.

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