312 Slade Lane
Greater Manchester
M19 2BY


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Food types

Among the takeaways located in Levenshulme is Encore Room at 312 Slade Lane. Encore Room haven't currently given us complete details of the take-away. Encore Room makes a full selection of take-away meals throughout the day. We don't yet have a menu for Encore Room. Encore Room serves Chinese as its signature dish.


best chinese in south manchester

unbelievable chinese food, doesnt look like much from the outside but believe me appearances can be deceptive.

id recomend the sweet and sour chicken, you can get it as part of a meal deal with a spring roll and fried rice for a miniscule £5.00!!!!!


By almost 10 years ago.

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Best Chinese in Manchester..

Easily the best Chinese in Manchester. In fact, it's the best Chinese I've ever had anywhere either takeaway or restaurant. Forget the Yang Sing & chinatown in the city centre because this place beats them all. Not had a bad meal in over 20 years.
First Class.

By over 9 years ago.

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