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Al Kebab Hut is a takeaway found in Wolverton within Milton Keynes. Although The Big Eat doesn't yet possess complete details for Al Kebab Hut, we are trying to find out more about it. We don't yet have the menu for this takeaway. There is a large selection of food on offer at Al Kebab Hut. If you need delivery then Al Kebab Hut could potentially be the very takeaway for you. Al Kebab Hut produces 8 types of food: Deli, Desserts, Fast food, Fish n Chips, Fried chicken, Indian, Kebabs, and Pizza.


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it's OK

By almost 3 years ago.

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not good

have had kebabs every week for a long time and slowly the kebab has got worse and worse.have now got a better take away.avoid

By over 2 years ago.

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shitface cunt who only cares about himself lives in this pizza bitch place. and stays there for the rest of all years till he passes away :')

By about 2 years ago.

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Never order from this takeaway! Food is delivered cold, tastes disgusting & they can never get the order correct always miss something off & give you the wrong drinks etc!

By almost 2 years ago.

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Good fresh naan kebab

always get a a good doner kebab with lovely fresh naan bread

By 12 months ago.

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2 16" pizzas for. £15.99

freshly baked pizza what can you say?

By 12 months ago.

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