24 Market Street
AB11 5PL


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Aberdeen Best Kebab House is a takeaway to be found in Aberdeen in Aberdeenshire. Unfortunately, there isn't a menu for Aberdeen Best Kebab House on The Big Eat. Aberdeen Best Kebab House produces a full range of take-away meals during its opening hours. Aberdeen Best Kebab House haven't currently provided all the details of the takeaway. Aberdeen Best Kebab House serves Kebabs as its specialism.


disgusting kebabs

I was in Aberdeen on business and we took several kebabs for supper in this place. Fully packed with onions and the garlic sauce was like cream, thick and sickening. Additionally, we've both got massive heartburn a couple of hours after our meal. I was sick the whole night and next day, feeling sick and having cold sweat. I don't reccomend it to anyone. The food tastes disgusting and food poisoning is the proof of their "quality". Never back there

By over 10 years ago.

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yummy kebabs

i eat in here all the time , the kebabs are amazing ! yummy xxxx

By almost 10 years ago.

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"best" kebab house???

definately not the best kebab house!!

By over 9 years ago.

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best kebab?

Do not know how it is not i been working there as a chef and need to tell if the boss is same person its def crap over there now!! cos me and couple of friends were working there and actualy we were running the shop as best as we can it was between 2007 and 2009 i can see serving quality gone down :(
all the best for Aberdeen's ppl :)

By over 9 years ago.

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food is fine but the jump in price change was ridiculous, and i noticed they take advantage of drunks, take note u get less when ur drunk, n staff attitude fkn stinks now, use b fun but ali has ruined it, not the best anymore, u have very wrong attitude ali!!!!!!!! defo goin downhill, some us actually take longer walk to other shop cos o attitude not the food. went there for good few yr not now, there arseholes, frm half o market st x

By over 9 years ago.

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Low Quality

The kebab meal is terrible, the price is expensive. The staff is not friendly. Not the best kebab house in Aberdeen anymore. Sad to say good bye to them. I won't come back to this shop again.

By over 8 years ago.

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