Food in Middleton

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  Local Friends
22 Town Street, Middleton
  Caesar's Pizza
Unit 6, Middleton District Centre, Middleton
  Ho Li Chinese Takeaway
72 Long Street, Middleton
  Zam Zam's
40 Long Street, Middleton
  Rhodes Tandoori
606 Manchester Old Road, Middleton
  Golden China Chinese
289 Oldham Road, Middleton
  Fortuna Chinese ( 3 reviews )
600 Manchester Old Road, Middleton
  The Sunflower
143 Jubilee Road, Middleton
  TJ's Sandwich Shop
3 Chapel Walk, Middleton
  Mouthy Muffin
332 Grimshaw Lane, Middleton
  Full Monty
30 Townley Street, Middleton
  Rachel's Butty Bar
437 Oldham Road, Middleton
  Spice Room
67 Long Street, Middleton
  Spindels Sandwich Bar
2a Hollin Lane, Middleton
  Moghul Cuisine
74 Market Place, Middleton
  Boarshaw Tandoori
209 Boarshaw Road, Middleton
  Spice Hut
Oldham Road, Middleton
21 Market Place, Middleton
  Balti Palace
286 Grimshaw Lane, Middleton
  Snack Stop
251 Oldham Road, Middleton
  Lakeland Wok
21a Lakeland Court, Middleton
  Bowness Chippy
32 Bowness Road, Middleton
  Barbecue ( 10 reviews )
76 Market Place, Middleton
  The Picnic Box
673 Manchester Old Road, Middleton
Delivery   Popeyes Pizzeria/Burgerland ( 5 reviews )
72 Market Place
  Yue Yeee House
265 Oldham Road, Middleton
  C Js Takeaways
6 Birmingham Drive, Middleton