3/112 Chivalry Road
North Shore City

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GF battered fish & yummy homemade fish cakes

hey do a very nice thin Gluten Free batter made with rice flour and even wrap the chips separately from any gluten containing products. Made special mention of which items contained gluten when I made my order which were for someone else so didn't need to be GF. The homemade fish cakes (NOT GF) were very yummy too

By almost 7 years ago.

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Roya jan,I got the bassinet, but he grew out of it berofe 3th month, both weight-wise and activity-wise. My son was very active and he tried to hold on to the rim to sit down! Moses basket probably has less life than the bassinet. I also got a pack and play (a square shape, not rectangle) and even now I use it when I travel as a bed, but I don't think it's necessarily very comfortable for baby to sleep in it for nights in a row. Maybe a not so expensive bassinet is a good solution for the first months.

By about 6 years ago.

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